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Thread-ing on Thin Ice?

Threads has taken the world by storm. It’s a text-based conversation app launched by Meta that seems almost identical to Twitter. Unlike Twitter, Threads does not seem to use hashtags and does not have a feature that allows users to search for specific text or phrases. It also allows users to share up to 10 photos in a single post – the same limit that exists on Instagram – as opposed to Twitter's limit of four images.

The name ‘Threads’ was actually originally the name of a 2019 app that Meta launched to compete with Snapchat.

Brands are jumping on the app because it’s connected to your Instagram profile. The set up is incredibly easy and means users don’t have to build their community from scratch like they previously have with new apps. Threads has been the fastest growing app of all time with 100 million sign ups in less than a week, beating out Chat GPT. But despite the 100 million sign ups, what will be interesting to see is how many of those convert into daily active users. That will be the deciding factor for whether advertisers decide to invest in the app or not. Additionally, we are yet to see the types of ad placements we will see across Threads.

Another element to watch is how content creators and brands interact with users on the app - with Instagram, it was very much curated, audited and visual focused. Tiktok focused on discovery as opposed to connection with friends and family. The Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri made a point about how he doesn’t see Threads replacing Twitter, rather he sees Threads as a public space for communities on Instagram that never embraced Twitter.

Mosseri also noted that Meta wants to see a gradual shift from a news and politics focus to lighthearted entertainment and positive human interactions. This shift can see Threads becoming a powerful tool for brands within lifestyle and consumer goods spaces unlike Twitter, where news outlets, tech and finance have been dominating.

While Threads is gearing up to introduce new features, Meta has emailed talent managers with what creators should focus on posting, including different content ideas:

  • The email outlines specific guidelines for posting on Threads, including "epic entrances" to announce a creator's arrival on the app.

  • Interactive content is encouraged, such as starting conversations, creating polls using emojis, and organizing challenges or contests.

  • Content about Threads itself is popular, and Meta emphasizes the use of puns to engage the audience.

  • Meta highlights examples of creators who are already using Threads and encourages making the most of existing features.

  • The email includes a "top creators" section to showcase influential voices in various niches and encourages creators to define their unique voice on the app.

Based on the content ideas, talent managers see potential for building brand partnerships through watch parties and live commentaries.

Despite seeing an insane sign up rate, the app's daily active users have fallen by a staggering 70%. We’ve seen a number of new apps emerge this year, from BeReal and Lemon8 to now Threads. Will the hype around Threads be short lived like Clubhouse during the pandemic or will it be a long lasting and purposeful community space? What we do know is that Threads is definitely a breath of fresh air, for now. Whether it stays that way or not is yet to be determined. All we do know is that the users do speak for themselves 👀

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