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Reclamation Magazine

Branding & Design, Website Design & Development, Production & Creative Direction

What Is Reclamation?

Reclamation Magazine is an independent publication and media start-up committed to amplifying the voices of the marginalized. Reclamation attempts to give the communities and the people whose perspectives have been cast off in the mainstream a platform to express themselves — to showcase their vulnerability, to stand tall in the face of adversity, and to reclaim their identity. They are dedicated to featuring the creativity, intellect, and opinions of their contributors as authentically as possible; urging them to stick with their truth in a time where the world needs it more than ever.

The Branding Experience

Reclamation Magazine was looking for a brand refresh to unite the overall consistency of the brand. They wanted an overhaul of the branding and a color palette and typography set that felt more representative of the meaning behind the brand.

Beginning with a questionnaire and collaborative meetings, we dove into the founder's vision of the new phase of Reclamation Magazine. We conducted a competitive audit and then began outlining aligned mood boards to choose a route for the new visual identity, centered around a global and inclusive community.

The client decided on a brand identity which felt bold in color and sophisticated in type. We then created an animated preview video which you can see below.

Creative Direction & Production

After establishing the new visual identity, the Client wanted to launch Reclamation Magazine paired with a brand photoshoot. We scouted for real models & locations across New York City in order to build further on this identity. The shoot included women from across a variety of backgrounds and the images were photographed by Tori Mumtaz. 

Project Management & Direction: Drashty Seth
Branding Design: Swasti Mittal & Hadiqa Sohail
Photoshoot Mangement & Creative Direction: Afshan Nasseri
Photographer: Tori Mumtaz

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