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London, UK

What Is Kaanjj?

Kaanjj is a South Asian owned, mother-daughter founded e-commerce platform selling curated clothing from South Asian based brands. Inspired by their family history and collection of intergenerational heirlooms, duo Sonal and Karnika were motivated to create a platform to increase accessibility to South Asian brands that they know and love. 

How Did We Help?

With the pandemic, building a brick-and-mortar store was impossible. To create buzz about Kaanjj, social media was a must. So, Karnika approached us with the need to build out a strong brand across all touch points - ground up.


Kaanjj had a mission larger than itself - it was a brand looking to change the way South Asian fashion was viewed in the west. Kaanjj believes that South Asian fashion is not just shiny and glamorous; it is full of art, stories, history, and culture. We created a social media strategy for Kaanjj, inspired by the brand’s mission, vision, values, and story. 


After multiple workshops with the founding team, we were able to completely grasp and eliminate gaps around the verbal identity and values of the brand. We fortified the purpose and motivations behind Kaanjj, enabling our team to convey these sentiments across Kaanjj Instagram & Facebook platforms. We carried out a Social Media Strategy, managed the Social Media end-to-end, executed on a PR campaign, and strategized and launched an influencer campaign with some of the top luxury South Asian influencers globally. We increased the Kaanjj followers from scratch to 2,400 in just 5 months organically. 

The Numbers 





Growth in followers over 5 months organically



Likes on Influencer Collaboration

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The Team: Masuma Ali, Afshan Nasseri, Drashty Seth

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