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The world has never been more globalized and multi-hyphenated than it is right now, bringing inclusive marketing to the forefront of priorities for many brands and businesses. It has never been more important for brands, companies, and businesses to expertly understand different pockets of cultures and religions as well as speak to them authentically.


Tokenism in multicultural marketing as well as racial and ethnic stereotyping in ad campaigns do more damage than good. The cultural intelligence we offer at Aam will allow you to speak to your diverse audiences in a way that draws them in, rather than alienating them. We’ll help you widen your brand’s reach by meaningfully connecting with communities you haven’t tapped into yet.

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With our expert help, you’ll be able to confidently craft those culturally nuanced campaigns that sometimes have you walking on eggshells. As a global team of women of color, our cross-cultural understanding spans across communities. So we know just how to attract those niche audiences you might be afraid of losing or are looking to appeal to.

5.5 Million

South Asians live in the US

U.S. Census Bureau, 2017 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates “ASIAN ALONE BY SELECTED GROUPS”

40% +

Increase in SAs Between 2000-2017


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Cultural Campaign Audit


Allow our cultural specialists to critically evaluate your past and existing cultural campaigns. You will receive a detailed report with your ‘health scores’ and actionable steps to take your brand to the next level.

Talk to our cultural specialists.

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