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Misha Lakhani

Karachi, Pakistan

What Is Misha Lakhani?

Misha Lakhani is a high-end fashion brand celebrating Pakistani heritage and craftsmanship featuring an eclectic mix of old crafts & modern ideas, with exquisite handcrafted details on a series of silhouettes, catered to a global clientele.

How Did We Help?

The brand was looking to expand into the Dubai, UAE and Middle East regions by hosting their first solo exhibition, hosted at the Four Seasons in Dubai. For the event, they also launched an exclusive Middle Eastern collection, catered to the audience in the area. The brand needed PR assistance for the trunk show to secure high profile client attendence, conduct & coordinate influencer partnerships, manage the guest list, invitations, physical deliveries, and ensure that all high profile attendees received personalized invitations and experienced an overall seamless event. The brand also sought out press coverage for the event to generate a “buzz.”

The event was a huge success, with an overwhelming attendance of interested customers, press, and high profile clients. We were able to attract our baseline clientele of Pakistani and Indians familiar with the brand, but also tapped into a new audience of Middle Eastern women who resonated with our Middle Eastern collection. We secured and sent out personalized invitations to 50+ VIP clients, executed on 20 barter & paid influencer collaborations, and a finalized guest list of 110+ guests, with more walk ins. Our influencer collaborations and strategies also achieved an overall reach of 150,000+ combined on social channels.

The Numbers 






Reach on Social Channels



The Team: Masuma Ali, Afshan Nasseri, Drashty Seth

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