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Prana Kitchens

Atlanta, GA

What Is Prana Kitchens?

Founders Aruna and Sri, health enthusiasts, Ayurveda practitioners, mothers, wives, and Indian-American immigrants, believe that freshly prepared organic food is an essential aspect of sustaining our modern lifestyle. With the wisdom of Ayurveda, individuals can cook meals that satisfy their cravings and excite them about new cuisines and recipes. Prana sells spices, spice mixes, snacks, and recipe kits including best sellers like Chai Masala, Chukku KashAya, Ellu Podi, Utsava Spice Blends, Coconut Curry Masala, and Tridoshic Red Rice Kichadi.

Apart from ensuring spice quality, Prana Kitchens commits to sourcing organic ingredients from farms that practice regenerative agriculture. Supporting farming communities is not just a part of their business model; it is a core value and purpose.

How Did We Help?

Prana Kitchens came to us at the conceptualization phase, needing help with branding, packaging design, strategy, website design, and social media marketing. Through collaborative discussions, we crafted a holistic brand ecosystem that captured their mission to bring Ayurveda to kitchens across the United States, while shifting the mindset on food and nutrition. The concept centered around the word Prana, meaning the universal energy that flows through all living beings. We didn't want Prana to be a subdued healthy brand, but instead a personality that centered around revitalization and soul.  

Website Design & Development

We then created a Shopify website with custom elements such as an animated ticker, centered around a seamless customer experience. 

Iphone_Mockup copy.jpg

Social Media & Content

Building on this brand identity, we lead the social media management for Prana and solidify Partnerships across the United States as we build our brand awareness. Take a look at some of our favorite content below.

The Team: 
Designer: Mahima Dhawan
Creative Director: Drashty Seth
Project Management: Amrita Krishnakumar & Drashty Seth
Website: Dilip Kumar 
Social Media & Partnerships: Afshan Nasseri & Amrita Krishnakumar

Photography & Videography: Zara Asim and Musadique Rafique

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