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What Is Lashkaraa?

Lashkaraa is a fashion house with the aim of ensuring that women living outside India have access to modern, ethnic fashion.

How Did We Help?

Lashkaraa was looking to take their marketing in a different direction, using more UGC and trending content. We first crafted out a new marketing strategy for the brand and then went into execution across multiple verticals including Paid Media, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Management, and PR.

Our main goal for Lashkaraa was to retain sales, increase relevancy on social, and produce different yet engaging content. Although Lashkaraa offered a reliable and convenient option for shoppers that previously did not exist, their lack of accessible and realistic content hindered customers from making a purchase. Our content pushed in paid media and through influencers focused on showing the customer journey, from website browsing until receiving the package, as well as the first try-on. 

Through Photoshoots, Reels, UGC, Influencer Marketing, and Paid Media pushing out all important content, we were able to retargeting ROAS above 20X and established a 5-8X ROAS for prospecting campaigns while keeping the cost per purchase under $30 (this includes the cost of non-conversion-focused campaigns).

The Numbers 


Retargeting ROAS



New Followers within 3 Month


Prospecting Campaigns ROAS

The Team: Masuma Ali, Afshan Nasseri, Drashty Seth

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