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Chai Guys 

London, United Kingdom

What Is The Chai Guys?

Chai Guys is an authentic Chai company based in London. You can find their kiosks across London as well as their products in retailers across the city.

How Did We Help?

The Chai Guys were in a busy expansion period and were looking for a team to come on board and breathe life and soul back into their brand. In just a few days, our London team conducted a social-wide audit of their accounts and began to research trends that could bring their page back into relevancy. The Chai Guys team was looking for their brand to once again tell the tales of the rituals of chai across South Asia, which they felt the UK market was not yet exposed to.

By conducting monthly content shoots both in-store and at home, we were able to create content that resonated with the Chai Guys Customer. Creating content at home to replicate UGC style allowed customers to see the use cases of Chai Guys' CPG line, encouraging them to bring Chai Guys into their homes. We often highlighted specific products, seasons, and even the team in order to strengthen customer loyalty and connection with the brand. Behind the scenes team content encouraged engagement both online and in-person, allowing customers to reconnect with the familiar faces and stories from reels and posts on Instagram & TikTok.

The Numbers 




views on our fave Tiktok



bump in website traffic post virality


The Team: Masuma Ali, Amrita Krishnakumar & Masumah Pirbhai

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