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New York, NY

What Is Vayner Media?

VaynerMedia is a contemporary global creative and media agency with an expertise in driving relevance for clients and delivering impactful business results. The agency is known for their excellence in extracting rich data and sentiment from consumers online to truly tap into trends and to create campaigns that work.

How Did We Help?

This March (2024), we entered the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims globally. We gathered cultural insights from American Muslims and beyond to teach the VaynerX and Vayner Media teams around the world about the culture of Ramadan, through content. We touched on campaigns we loved, the obligatory Eid coffee run (and how it’s crazy that Dunkin' has no idea), trends we see in the modest fashion industry, top NYC spots for iftaar, concepts such as Taqwa and Zakat, and so much more. We hosted a fully remote educational and workshopping session in order to include the maximum number of employees possible.

Beyond the basics of Ramadan and Eid, we shared ‘ungoogleable’ consumer behavior insights to build understanding and spark ideas. We talked about:

⏰ the halo effect for restaurants and gyms open late

☪️ gifting, hosting and fashionista norms

🍽️ how the kitchen table is the social centerpiece of Ramadan

💸 how Muslim influencers are monetizing on brand involvement with affiliate links

⭐ how to assess values alignment before marketing to Muslims

💚 and so much more!


The Team: Afshan Nasseri & Mariam Shahab

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