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  • Saran Kaur

How to Create Your Personal Brand in 4 Steps

Written By Saran Kaur- Brand Strategy & Growth Intern

When people mention your name or business, what do you want them to think or say? What story & legacy do you want to leave behind?

What Is A Personal Brand?

Your personal brand is how you choose to present yourself to the world. It is the unique collection of your skills, experiences, and assets that you want your audience to see. At its core, personal branding is about storytelling; it’s about telling your story. Ask yourself, what are your goals? What are you inspired by? What do you want to be known for? What led up to where you are in life right now? Once you figure out these elements, personal branding helps curate your story and polishes it to be, “shareable”. Think of personal branding as storytelling - it becomes less daunting.

Let's Break it Down.

1. Identify Yourself: Values, Passions, Goals

Your brand will communicate who you are and what you stand for. Identifying these components will help lay the foundation of your brand. Starting at the grassroots level, think of what sets you apart. What do you bring to the table that is unique?

2. Define Your Goal

Who is your target audience and what story do you want to tell? Identify some goals for your developing brand, so you have a clear direction in which you’re going. A good exercise to help with this step is coming up with three words that describe your brand and your aesthetic. Set achievable goals and stream your efforts towards accomplishing them.

3. Build, Build, Build!

Now that you have laid a solid foundation and identified your goals, start building your online presence keeping in mind the brand you are working to develop. Whether it be Instagram, YouTube, your own personal blog/website or more, start to construct the structure of your brand. Pay attention to details and let your creative juices flow. Remember that this brand should encompass who you are, have fun with bringing your vision to life. Experiment with color palettes, typography, graphic design, and tone. Keep building and adding on new layers to your profiles. With a strong, unique, and vibrant personal brand you will organically draw in engagement and attraction.

4. Network & Connect

Now that you have your socials up and running remember that the center of developing a personal brand is you! Increase your online activity and connect with others in the community. It’s statistically proven that the more you post, the more traction you will gain. Establishing connections is valuable when developing a brand - you can elevate your platform through a credible network and cross traffic. Think about how you can gain credibility in your sphere and where you can showcase your brand best. Keep sharing and making valuable connections!

Ultimately, developing a personal brand is a personal journey and everyone is at a different step. Whether you’re trying to curate the perfect color palette, figuring out your niche, or networking with professionals in the field, just know that the process is creative and ever- evolving. Take pride in your brand and don’t hesitate to share it wherever you go, because you never know what opportunities it might bring.

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.” - Malcolm Forbes

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