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How to Start Your Personal Brand

Updated: May 30, 2021

The first thing I tell everyone who’s looking to start a brand, whether it’s a personal brand or business, is to think about the “sentence test”. I have essentially coined it the sentence test, but I’m sure other brand strategists have their own names for it.

The sentence test is a great way to audit your current brand, or to think about how to start a new one. If someone were to see your brand and recommend it to a friend, what would they say? They likely wouldn’t take more than a sentence to describe it - so what is that sentence? Chances are, that sentence would be consistent amongst all people who interact with your brand - if you’re doing a good job.

Let’s think about an example of this. If I had to tell a friend what McDonald’s was, I’d say it’s a fast-food chain, available almost everywhere in the world, that sells hamburgers, it’s cheap, and isn’t very healthy. You’d likely say something along the same lines, right? It’s important to note that we have clearly experienced the McDonald’s brands through different, personal experiences; however, their messaging is consistent, which is why we have similar associations with the brand.

Now let’s go back to your brand - if you were to describe it right now in one sentence, is that the sentence you’d like? If you’re starting from scratch, what would you want that sentence to be?

Schedule a consult & we can talk it through. Hope this was helpful!


founder, Aam Creative Co.

Brand Strategy & Marketing Consultant

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