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11 South Asian Small Businesses Thriving During the Global Pandemic

Written by Urbashi Roy, Intern at LifesforSocial


Through cultural heritage, The Heritage Supply co. aims to connect South Asian communities and particularly focuses on maintaining and passing on the South Asian heritage globally. This business’ niche involves creating children’s toys, education tools, and home accessories that connect the ancient culture and traditions to modern society. Children love playing with toys, thus creating toys that preserve the desi culture and heritage creates a new perspective and makes a significant difference.


Inspired by their own wedding experience, founders, Malinda and Hardip Chohan, designed their own brand of bridal jewelry. Since there were very minimal accessory varieties for South Asian brides, this couple felt the need to start their own business that will be easily accessible. As a team, this small business strives to recreate bridal jewellery and accessories through forming the old fashioned ways into new ways.


A global business that sells South Asian clothing and fashion and celebrating and embracing the extraordinary culture. Based in Mumbai, Phera believes in giving back through educational support and fair wages. By selling traditional clothing Phera aims to support craftsmen and their families. Phera is a symbol of love, commitment and tradition. Focusing on the latest trends, Phera provides quality services with affordable prices.


Curry Up Now brings Desi street food to the United States. This Indian fast casual restaurant chain based in the US, combines Indian street food with American fast-food styles, creating authentic and unique food combinations. By using locally sourced ingredients, customers adore their services and this business believes in giving back to the community.


NYC based, Chaiwala one stop shop for different types of tea. It is perfect for anyone who wants to try out authentic South Asian masala chai. From gift baskets to instant chai to spices s, this small business sells all types of tea accessories from all over the world.


A team of Women of Color bringing the joy of teaching the younger generation the Hindi and Gujarati language, culture & lifestyle, through activities such as memory games, flashcards, toys and many more.


Scrumptious Wicks creates the most incredible and unique scented candles inspired by food, family, and the South Asian culture. These designs are fitting for everywhere and everything! Through the mix of western and desi culture, this small business expresses a feeling of comfort and connecting communities through memories of scent and aromas. PRETTY POKETS

A mom based small business that sells different categories of bags from diaper bags to accessories. Through their designs and creative products, this business aims to find harmony between usefulness, common sense, and fashion. SANNUKI

Sannuki is a clothing brand consisting of Pakistani heritage with streetwear and urban clothing. Their products incorporate elements of Pakistani culture, history, art, people and many other aspects demonstrating the beauty that Pakistan offers. DIASPORA CO.

A small business established in honor of Indian farmers who were unable to earn money and partner with small family farms across India. Diaspora Co. products consist of a variety of spices and tools. Through food and the making spices, this business intends to share the stories of freedom, struggle, and diaspora of India. PAJAMA SUTRA

A loungewear brand founded by a mother of 3, Sarena Udani whose mission is to inspire and celebrate women of color. She believed that there was a lack of representation in the loungewear industry, hence launched her own South Asian small business in honor of celebrating the bond of sisterhood and feminism.

FEBRUARY 6, 2021

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