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Storytelling 101

Storytelling has emerged as a powerful marketing tool and buzzword in the last 2-3 years. Many marketers and business owners attribute success in the social media world to having a strong “story” behind the brand. It’s human nature - we love listening to stories. So when we say storytelling, what do we mean in a formalized sense? A simple google search reveals it’s all about merging facts and prose in order to sell a certain narrative. It’s a word that has taken over every marketer’s dictionary but what does it really mean? How do you actually tell a story? And what can you even tell stories about? At Aam, we believe that you can tell stories about everything.

Not quite, it goes beyond just being creative. Storytelling requires combining creativity with marketing strategy. It requires taking the essence of your brand and your vision for your company and building a story around it. At Aam Creative, we weave a story around our identity as a women of color-led marketing agency that solves marketing problems for startups by building strategy from the ground up. It’s time to think about your brand and vision. What do you want people to feel when they read about you? Should they feel closer to home? Should they feel adventurous? Ready to take risks? Like they’re speaking to a friend? Aside from the tone you use, your word choice, sentence structures, and even voice you use, the message you decide to get across speaks volumes to the reader. Many times, that one message they read of yours might be the only chance you have to make an impression. Let’s fortify your brand and craft its story.

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Tanashya Batra

Junior Account Manager

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