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The Cumin Club is a VC-funded brand providing authentic Indian food ready in 5 minutes. They provide preservative-free meals made by regional Indian chefs, delivered to your door across the world.

We created a customized social media strategy for The Cumin Club. We began by constructing and diving deep into understanding the brand to build out the brand vision and story. The content pillars and content pools were derived from the brand story to properly convey The Cumin Club’s purpose.

Our main goal for The Cumin Club was to build a strong brand on their Instagram platform and attract future customers while creating a story behind the creation of The Cumin Club. We saw value in educating the audience on the history behind certain dishes, and the reality of variety in Indian cuisine, contrary to popular belief in the West. Over the 7 month period, we increased the following count by 366%. We handled their Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Design & Partnerships.

Kaanjj  Social Feed Mock-Up (1).png


After aligning with the marketing team at Deliverect, we were ready to embody the brand. In the fall of 2022, we wrapped up the Food for Thought campaign, which was a speaker series meant to address topics/challenges that patrons in the restaurant industry are currently facing. Targeting a top-of-funnel audience, it was a hybrid compilation of Deliverect speakers hosting solo sessions, and customer speakers as guest speakers.

We assisted with taglines and copy to kick-off the campaign, and then edited and polished all speaker series videos, with animation and design. For each speaker session, we created a dedicated blog post in order to reiterate the key points of the talk.
Speaker Series Views: 15,800
Engagement Rate: 47%.


Additionally, we crafted blog posts to align with larger marketing goals, around topics like The Importance of Effective Stock Management for Food Service Success, Maximizing Customer Loyalty: A Guide to Digital Reward Programs for Restaurant Chains, and more. Each topic is heavily researched by our team, allowing us to become experts in the topic. We continue to work on various design and copywriting assets for Deliverect’s marketing initiatives.

Kaanjj  Social Feed Mock-Up.png

Project Credits:

Account Leads: Masumah Pirbhai, Amrita Krishnakumar, and Masuma Ali

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