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Our Work

Chai Guys

Chai Guys

Chai Guys is an authentic Chai company based in London. You can find their kiosks across London as well as their products in retailers across the city.



VaynerX is a global media & marketing company. Our educational workshop session educated the VaynerX employees on Ramadan & American Muslims while understanding how they could apply these learnings to their marketing work. 

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Sania Maskatiya

 Sania Maskatiya is one of Pakistan's largest and most famous luxury fashion houses.

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Prana Kitchens

Prana Kitchens is a small business producing Ayurvedic based spices, spice mixes, and recipe kits within the USA.

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Lashkaraa is a fashion house with the aim to ensure that women outside of India have access to the latest in South Asian fashion at affordable rates. 

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Kaanjj is a mosther-daughter founded e-commerce platform which sells high-end, luxury South Asian brands across the world.


Reclamation Magazine

Reclamation is an independent publication and media startup committed to amplifying the voices of the marginalized.

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The Cumin Club

The Cumin Club is a VC-funded brand selling Indian meal-kits across the US and Canada that are ready in 5 minutes. 

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Transcend is a fashion brand that uses high quality and organic fabrics incorporating beautiful hand embroidery or prints.

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Deliverect, valued at $1.4B, is an aggregator which is revolutionizing the restaurant industry, seamlessly integrating with POS systems to consolidate online orders, streamlining the process and boosting margins.

Other Clients: 
Zuri by Zainab
Korai Kitchen
Throwback Vault
GoodHood Burgers
Diamantina Fine Jewellery
Nida Azwer

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